Happy Canada Day
Parade 2023

Canada Day Parade for 2023 IS A GO!!!

Stay tuned... We are already planning for 2023’s event, if you would like to be a part of our planning group please contact us!


Changes for this year:

  • The route for the parade is listed on the parade route page, there is little changes from previous years.
  • There is hand outs allowed, but you must not throw anything, everything must be handed out to prevent kids running into the parade path.
  • We are encouraging ANYONE to participate, bring your family in your vehicle, and decorate it up if you wish! Anyone is welcome to join the parade, there is a entry form on this website that goes through all the rule
  • Floats of all types are accepted
  • Equines or animals (horses, buffalo, antelope, pelicans) are allowed with proper paperwork/insurance


This event would NOT exist without the hard work of many local businesses and residents.  A huge thank you goes out to the many volunteers involved!!

LOTS of businesses and Drumheller citizens, have put in tons of volunteer time, a HUGE shout out to them!!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers that help out with various items on the day of the event!  We look forward to making next year’s parade bigger and brighter!

Parade Start Times:

Parade starts at 10:00am sharp

Is Music Allowed?

Yes, of course!  We just ask that you note this on your parade entry form in the notes, so that we can position you in a good spot in the parade line up.

Max Height Restrictions for floats:

14ft due to power lines, telephone lines in the route

Parade Route Volunteers:

There will be volunteers stationed along the route to assist with safety, and ensuring the crowd is not entering the roadway.  In addition the local RCMP members will be on bicycles riding the route, to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable time.